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January 19, 2021


Major Onion Recall by Bakersfield-Based Thomson International Inc.

Source : www.laweekly.com. In an announcement made via the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website, Bakersfield-based Thomson International, Inc. is conducting a voluntary recall of red, yellow, white and sweet yellow onions… Read the rest on : www.laweekly.com

New Legalization Bill to Regulate Weed Like Tobacco Was Just Introduced to US Senate

Source : merryjane.com. The US Senate will soon debate over a bill that would legalize and regulate cannabis on a federal level. The “Substance Regulation and Safety Act,” introduced last Thursday by Senator Tina Smith… Read the rest on : merryjane.com

CBD cigarette maker hires Philip Morris strategist as new chief executive

Source : hempindustrydaily.com. Published 2 seconds ago A Las Vegas-based company preparing to launch a brand of CBD-containing hemp cigarettes later this year has appointed a… Read the rest on : hempindustrydaily.com

Mendo Breath Is a Taste of the Emerald Triangle

Source : cannabisnow.com. Over the last few years, Gage Green Group’s flagship strain, Mendo Breath, has found its way into the gardens of some of the best growers in the world. It all started when Gage Green… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

Coronavirus hits Tahiti cruise ship, leaving 340 passengers confined to cabins – National

Source : globalnews.ca Some 340 passengers and crew are confined on a cruise ship in Tahiti after one traveler tested positive for coronavirus, the commissariat for French Polynesia said late Sunday. All those aboard the… Read the rest on : globalnews.ca

Australia’s Green Fund Goes To Patreon To Raise Funds For Aus Cannabis Media Coverage

Source : cannabislaw.report First up we might argue the following here at CLR but we’ll let our readership decide ! Mark Bernberg is a long-time cannabis investing enthusiast and founder of The Green Fund, Asia Pacific’s… Read the rest on : cannabislaw.report

I’m A Gulf War Veteran Who’s Now Tried 20 Different CBD Oils… NONE Of Them Worked For My Pain, Sleep Or Anxiety… But The 21st Attempt Worked! Here’s Why

Source : www.laweekly.com Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a Gulf War Veteran. And I’m writing this open letter to LA Weekly because I’ve now used over 20 different CBD brands… And NONE of them worked. However, the 21st… Read the rest on : www.laweekly.com

New Jersey Is Likely to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis This Fall, New Poll Suggests

Source : merryjane.com It’s looking likely that New Jersey will become the 12th US state to legalize adult-use cannabis, according to a new poll conducted by DKC Analytics.  This November, the state’s general… Read the rest on : merryjane.com

EU Commission revises stance on WHO cannabis scheduling vote as it leans toward CBD as a narcotic

Source : hempindustrydaily.com The executive branch of the European Union is changing its stance on how EU countries should vote on the World Health Organization’s cannabis scheduling changes in… Read the rest on : hempindustrydaily.com

Inside the World of Top-Shelf Glass Collecting

Source : cannabisnow.com Few names have captured the imagination of scientific glass enthusiasts in recent years like the team of glassblowers at Mothership Glass.xBe it the beauty of their cutting-edge designs… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com