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November 26, 2020

Medical News

How to Handle Edibles In Front the Family This Thanksgiving

Source : cannabisnow.com. Edibles Here are five helpful tips on navigating a sticky situation.

What’s The Deal with Sungrown Cannabis?

Source : cannabisnow.com. Leading stoner comedian Ngaio Bealum is the creator of the album “Weed & Sex,” a frequent guest on “Getting Doug with High” starring Doug Benson, and a regular cannabis festival… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

7 Cannabis-Infused Recipes for Your Danksgiving Feast

Source : cannabisnow.com. Edibles Seven traditional Thanksgiving recipes get an infusion of cannabis.

Twenty Years of Unmatched Vaping with Storz & Bickel

Source : cannabisnow.com. A leader in the vaporizer industry, Storz & Bickel was one of the first companies to produce vaporizers on a large-scale level, and the first company to manufacture medically certified… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

6 Tips to Secure a Career in Cannabis

Source : cannabisnow.com. With medical marijuana laws established in over half of the 50 states, and several in the midst of implementing adult use, some experts argue cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

10 Things to Know About Terpenes

Source : cannabisnow.com. The cannabis industry is abuzz over terpenes. Everyone in the know is claiming it’s “all about them terps brah,” but do you truly understand these magnificent compounds? Here are 10… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

A Taste Test That Led to Religion

Source : cannabisnow.com. During the Stone Age, humans began exploring their surroundings and figuring out how to survive, forming crude communities along fresh water sources and experimenting with eating the plants… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

Green Gone Detox Debunks Drug Test Myths

Source : cannabisnow.com. Green Gone Detox is the first company to work with pharmacists to develop detox products with completely natural ingredients. Instead of relying on masking agents like other detox products… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

The Vaporizer Revolutionizing Cannabis Flower Consumption

Source : cannabisnow.com. Omura is a unique vaping experience utilizing a new approach to Heat-Not-Burn technology that makes dry cannabis flower consumption more convenient and approachable for both experienced and… Read the rest on : cannabisnow.com

CBD is not a narcotic, says EU court as it rules French ban is illegal | Cannabis

Source : www.theguardian.com. The cannabis-derived compound CBD is not a narcotic drug because “it does not appear to have any psychotropic effect or any harmful effect on human health”, the EU’s highest court has ruled. The… Read the rest on : www.theguardian.com