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November 26, 2020



Florida Senate moves to cap THC potency for medical marijuana

Source: miamiherald.com In a last-ditch effort at the tail end of the legislative session, the chamber most likely to oppose a cap on THC has taken up the issue. After weeks of rumors that the Florida House was pushing an amendment that would put a cap….. Read To Rest On: miamiherald.com


Cannabis Patient’s Bill of Rights!

Source: mdcannaconsumer.com As I have been speaking and sparring with cannabis activists and local politicians over the last few weeks it has become clear that all involved can agree on one thing: it is not a matter of if but when and how we will legalize….. Read To Rest on: mdcannaconsumer.com


The curriculum for the US’s first undergraduate weed degree Here it is

Source: qz.com You can now major in weed. A new program at Colorado State University-Pueblo, a campus serving 4,000 students in southern Colorado, will offer the country’s first official undergraduate degree studying cannabis with its new Cannabis Biology….. Read To Rest on qz.com


Using ADHD Fewer Prescription Drugs for Medical Marijuana Patients , Study Finds

Source: marijuanamoment.net When people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) consume more medical marijuana they tend to use fewer prescription drugs, including powerful, habit-forming psychostimulants, according to a new study. Patients who……. Read To Rest On marijuanamoment.net


Pot Farm Grow Lights Turn Arizona Sky a Glowing Purple After Snowstorm

Source: merryjane.com No, aliens did not touch down in the Southwest desert this weekend, but you would be forgiven for assuming as much after a bright purple glow enveloped the skies in Snowflake, Arizona. But according to the administrators at the… Read The Rest On Blog: merryjane.com